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The Genealogy of Christ

we  can  also  learn  something from those who in history, in the
Bible,  appear  to  us  as  sinners.  They  were  frail,  this frailty
conquered  them,  they had no strength to resist the impulses of their
bodies  and  of their souls, of the complex passions of men. And yet —
and yet, they believed in God passionately. One of them was David, and
one of his Psalms expresses it so well: "From the deep I cry unto Thee
.." From the depths of despair, of shame, from the depths of his fall,
from the depths of his alienation from God, from the darkest depths of
his soul he still cried to God. He does not hide from Him, he does not
go  away  from Him, it is to Him he comes with this desperate cry of a
desperate  man.  And others, men and women have this same concreteness
as, for instance, Rahab the harlot — and so many more.

Do  we,  when we are at the darkest point of life, when we are wrapped
in  all  the  darkness  that  is  within  us — do we, from within this
darkness turn to God and say: It is to You, oh Lord, I cry! Yes — I am
in  darkness,  but  You  are  my  God. You are the God who created the
light,  and  the  darkness, and You are within the darkness as You are
within  the  blinding  light; You are in death as You are in life; You
are  in  hell,  as You are on the Throne; and from wherever I am I can
cry to You.

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh
                   The Genealogy of Christ

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