четверг, 28 апреля 2011 г.

Christ is life and the victory of life.

  Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh
                       EASTER SERMON
       after reading St. John Chrysostom's Easter message
                   April the 11, 1999

If  I may I wish to add just a few words of my own. Christ is life and
the  victory  of  life.  In  the  world  in  which  He came, death was
prevalent  and  seemed  to  be all-powerful over men; when He came, He
defeated  death  by  His resurrection. And nowadays we live in a world
which  is  full of torment, of pain, of fear, of murder, of death, and
we  may  say,  “But where is the victory?”.. The victory is in each of
us,  the  victory  is in all those of us who believe that death cannot
separate  us  from God, that death is no longer a victory of evil over
us,  but a triumph of us through our faith, because death is no longer
separation.  Saint  Paul  says  that  for  him death is a meeting with
Christ; as long as he lives in the flesh he is separated, partly, from
God.  But  with  his  death he enters in full unity and communion with
Him.  This  is  our faith, but there is more to it in a sense, because
life  is  triumphant  in  our  midst. However frightening and dark the
world is nowadays, we know that victory has already been won, that God
has  won  and  that we who believe in Him partake together with Him in
His  victory.  And  therefore,  let  us  bring, to all around us, this
message of life and glory!

                       Christ is risen!

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