суббота, 30 апреля 2011 г.

how great Man is

   Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh
                      St. Thomas
                     17 April 1977

...On this fact the whole life of the Church depends, the whole Christian
outlook,  the  greatness  of  man,  the  boundless humility of God. In
Christ  the  one  and  the other is revealed to us, and we rejoice not
only  because  God  is the God of love and our Saviour, but because in
Him  we  are  shown  how  great Man is. He is so great that God can be
contained in him. He is so great that He can pass through the gates of
death into eternal life carrying us with Him as a torrent; that having
united  Himself  with  us  in our humanity in every way except sin, He
unites  us  completely with His Divinity if only we lay ourselves open
to His influence. How wonderful that is!

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