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not darkened but inspired by this pain

What  is  there  in  sin which should cause us such broken-heartedness
that  all  our life should be – not darkened but inspired by this pain
in  our hearts? We tend to define sin as breaking of the moral law, or
acting in a way which is contrary to our duty or to what is right, but
there  is something more fundamental in sin, which should indeed cause
us sadness and more than sadness: a deep pain.

Sin  is  disloyalty,  sin  is unfaithfulness; it is unfaithfulness and
disloyalty  towards God because it means that whatever He says matters
little  to  us,  although  when  He spoke to us, He spoke with all His
human love and all His love divine; and indeed, to show us how much we
matter  to  Him,  how deeply He values us, He gave all of His life and
all of His death to save us, and for us to believe in love divine!

To  sin  means  to  turn away from One who loves us unto life and unto
death;  and  it  means  by implication that His life and death are too
little  for  us,  too  little for us to respond by love, to respond by
faithfulness  and  loyalty.  Indeed,  this  attitude  results  in  our
breaking in a multitude of ways those laws of life which are conducive
to  life  eternal;  those  laws  of  life  that  would  make us truly,
perfectly human in the way in which Christ was perfectly human, in the
total harmony between God and us.

It  is  not in vain that Christ says today in the Gospel, “This demon,
this  spirit  is  cast out only by prayer and by fasting”: fasting, in
the sense of turning away from all those things which are beguilement,
which  take  us  away from love, from loyalty, from faithfulness, from
integrity,  that  destroy our wholeness; and prayer, as communion with
the  Living  God,  who  is  love,  and  in  whom alone we can find the
strength and power to love.


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